If you’ve started any business, work, or organization, you must have tried many of the marketing trends and strategies. And most probably, you must’ve heard of Facebook Ads and even more terms of definiteness, you’ve used it as one of the primary online advertising platforms.

There is no doubt that Facebook Ads have been the trend for the last few years. It has helped many of the businesses, in-person personalities, organizations, and much more entities to increase their reach, engagement, revenues.

Just in case if you don’t know:

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is labeled as one of the Advertising platforms that can help you to get Likes, Reach, Awareness, Installs, Leads, and much more. The reason behind the success of Facebook Ads is, it is quite easy to use.

Now coming to Lead Generation, you must be thinking:

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a process of attracting visitors or strangers to be a conversion. And we target those visitors/strangers who have an interest in your company’s work, product, or lookalike product/service.

In short, we show ads to only those people who’ve some relatable interest in your or nearby your service. Then we collect their information, such as Name, Email, Address, Contact, and more to make a follow-up connection or message so that they could get involved in our services.

Once they involve, it means you’ve converted them from Stranger to Customer, hence called Conversion.

But in reality, the conversion is not that easy. The reason is, you get leads, you have all the required information to call them for the next steps. But what happens is, you get leads, but that lead is in some other forms, or under some instances, you can not fetch all data into a separate sheet.

Just take a case, when you’ve hundreds of leads. Are you going to export them manually? If yes, then think twice.

As if you do it manually, it will take more time, the more time you take to call them back, the chances of conversion decreases.

Now, let’s move to the next step.

How to Automate Facebook Leads for High Conversion?

So here is what Automation helps you out. You can automatically export all of the leads; you can send them follow-up messages, texts, connection requests, and much more.

You might be afraid of Automation terms like it’s a kind of tech-savvy thing. But have no worries, we’ve created an excellent how-to guide for you.

And this guide will help you out to understand the step-by-step process of Automating Facebook Leads data.

The automation tool which we’re going to look into is, Zapier.

A before-start summary of Zapier: It is an automation tool, that helps to automate many processes on its own. You do not need to do manual things, you just enabled the access and authenticate applications, rest of Zapier will do.

Now let’s move forward and understand:

How to Create a Zapier Account?

Creating a Zapier account is a seconds process. Just follow the steps below:

  1. For the very first, go to Zapier.com and now click on the Signup button in the top-right corner or refer to the direct signup form. It will be easier if you choose to continue with Google.
Zapier Signup TexAu
  1. [Optional] Now you will see a new screen asking for your role, choose your position, and click Continue.
continue Zapier
  1. [Optional] And again, you will see a screen asking you to select your required apps (you can change it later too). It shows about 1500+ apps. Now click Finish Setup. You can see that Facebook Lead Ads is under the premium tag. Don’t worry; you can still use it for 14 days for free.
Zapier apps - TexAu

Congratulations, you’ve created your Zapier account.

You’re good to move forward and create your first Zap (say Automation).

Steps to Automate Facebook Leads:

  1. For the very first, you need to tell Zapier what you exactly want to do. And for that, you need to select the Triggering App. [Triggering App is defined as that app that is solely responsible for the initial action; in our case, it is Facebook Leads Ads] Select Facebook Leads.
What would you like to automate
  1. Now you need to select another app that will be connected with your triggering app. In our situation, we’ll go with Gmail. You can choose any, but here we will know about Sending Emails automatically to generated lead holders.
  2. And here comes the actual work. Now all you need to do now is, play an if-then game. You need to select: If this happens, then do this.

Two consecutive functions will run. For instance, if you get a new lead, then send them an email or say a follow-up email.

If you don’t want to send an email, you only want to draft an email; you can do that too. Zapier is fun.

  1. Once you do that, it requires you to authenticate with Gmail, as Zapier will be sending emails on your behalf, so you must have given access to it.
connect your apps Zapier - TexAu

Click on Use Zap, it will open a new window in which you need to log in with Facebook and Gmail.

  1. Why Facebook? Because it requires access to the leads list.
  2. And why Gmail? As it will send an email on your behalf.
  3. Once you connect your Facebook account, it will ask for your page. All you need to do is, select the page on which you’re running ads. And then click on Turn on Zap.
connect your apps Zapier
  1. You’re almost near the finish end. Click on View Zaps and then it will open a new window showing your Zaps. Click on the down-arrow (next to your desired Zap) and click on edit.
zap is on and working Zapier - TexAu
  1. And now it will ask for Lead Samples, you can either skip this step or click on Pull-in Samples, it will fetch few lead samples for you. Select the desired lead samples. And click on Continue.
  2. Facebook Ads setup is almost complete; you now need to set up Gmail. In the next step, it will ask for Gmail setup; you need to select Gmail. It will show you an action in which you may choose any desired action. We’re selecting send an email and click on Continue.
  3. Don’t you think it’s time to check whether everything is right or not? Well, in this step, you need to do the same. Just click on the Test Button to check whether you’re receiving the email or not.
  4. Here comes the most vital step. In this step, you’re required to create an Email template. Why so? Because it will be used to send follow-up emails. Let’s go with each field one-by-one:
Map fields Zapier - TexAu
  1. To: Here you need to put the email id in which the email will be sent. You can set custom emails too by clicking on the plus button.
  2. Cc: Now if you want to send a Carbon copy of your lead to some other email account, just put that email id over here. Remember, Cc emails are visible to everyone.
  3. Bcc: If you want to send a Carbon copy without sharing it with anyone, go with Bcc.
  4. From: The email listed here will be seen by the receiver. By default, your primary id (Zapier) will be used.
  5. From Name: This name will be seen by the receiver, make sure to give it if possible.
  6. Reply-To: Here you need to give a single address that will get receive a reply, other than your email id.
  7. Subject: Here, the subject of the Email can be written. By default, it will add the Facebook Leads title.
  8. Body Type: This enables sending a formatted text if you don’t want that, select plain text.
  9. Body: This will contain all the details of the Lead, by default Name and Email will be selected, if you want more, click on the plus button and select the phone number too.
  10. Label/Mailbox: Here, you can allow different tags to the emails. It’s entirely optional like above, but if you want you can give.
  11. Attachments: If you want to send any file via an attachment within the email (such as Photos, Videos, Logos, etc..) you can do it so from here. It will be included within the email template.
  12. Now click on Continue.
  13. On the very last screen, you will now see the template which you can use to create a follow-back message.
  14. If you want to check whether all of the things are working, you can do so by clicking on the Test button at the very bottom of the form. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll get an email (test-mail) into your inbox. If you’re not receiving any email, there may be a case that you’ve made some mistake; please review.
skip test
  1. Now finally, click on Finish. It will lead to a new page where you can turn on and off your Zap. If you turn on your Zap, after every lead is generated, the Zapier will start its work. So that was the complete guide on how to Automate Facebook Leads Ads.
Zap is ready

If in case, you’re having any issues, please do let us know. I will be happy to help you out. And also tell us why you’re using Zapier? Like for what purpose?

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