Extract your competitor’s followers on Instagram and engage with their post and stories

What could be a better source of new followers for your Instagram account than… your competition’s followers? Now you can engage with them easily and automatically with TexAu. We take care of that, and you can focus on the hard part: creating great and useful content they don’t want to miss.

How to find engage automatically with your competitors’ followers

  1. Authenticate easily and safely on Instagram. The automation needs to connect to Instagram on your behalf. We can do that easily and safely with your session cookies. You can grab your cookie easily with our Chrome extension, or you can follow these steps to get the cookie manually.
  2. A list of Instagram profiles you want to target. If you have the URLs on a CSV document or a Google Spreadsheet that would be great, thanks (remember to make the Google Spreadsheet public). Now we’re going to extract the followers from each of those profiles. As we start from the latest followers we make sure these are active accounts as much as possible.
  3. First we’re going to watch the stories of your competitors’ followers. Just to make them notice your account. Viewing stories is seen as a more personal interaction than likes or generic comments.
  4. And finally we’re going to follow them automatically. These two interactions together will make them notice your account, and follow you back if they are interested in you and your content.