How to find active and engaged accounts on Instagram

When trying to source new followers on Instagram, one strategy is to focus on accounts that are active and engaged. Those accounts are more likely to check your account and follow you back or interact with your account. But how to find them?

Target the most engaged followers of any Instagram account

1.Authenticate easily and safely on Instagram. The automation needs to connect to Instagram on your behalf. We can do that easily and safely with your session cookies. You can grab your cookie easily with our Chrome extension, or you can follow these steps to get the cookie manually.

  1. First we’ll start by grabbing the most recent posts from a list of Instagram accounts. You can provide the profile URLs on a CSV document or a Google Spreadsheet (remember to make the Google Spreadsheet public). You can decide how many posts to scrape, but I’d limit that to no more than 3 or 5 per account. Use a list of profiles that are relevant to your business: competitors, media, personalities.
  2. Now we’ll get the accounts who liked and commented on each post. These accounts have recently interacted with the list of seed accounts from which we started this Recipe. This means they are active on Instagram so they will be more open to following new accounts that they find interesting.
  3. What’s next? It’s up to you! Now you have a list of hundreds of active Instagram accounts who are interested in the kind of content you’re publishing. You can use another automation to engage with them: view their stories, comment on their latest post, or follow them.